Learn C Programming in 1 hour.

Posted on : January 23, 2018
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New tutorial for GENERATING MULTIPLICATION TABLE is available now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xiWgDCc2h4&list=PLZWDB3hMkOdqFq4dN8q08fMqnAdi_Gk2o&index=2&t=3s Get Access to the full course at http://www.programtalkies.com ——————————————————————————————————- Thanks for watching the above video where I have tried to take you all in a quick look upon C programming in an hour. The duration of an hour is really tricky part for holding the grasp of any programming language. So in many ways this video is like some sort of demo. Nevertheless I have tried my level best to make sure that you guys have had basic understanding of this language. If you are interested on having detailed and well managed course content with ample description and examples, then the course of more than 7 hours is at your access. The topics are presented and described in such a way that you will have no difficulties in having a stronghold on the so called tough concepts of programming. So my dear friends this particular course is something which you won’t regret being enrolled into! This era is an era of programming and programmers! C programming language is one of the best languages for beginning the journey of programming. It’s considered as the best compromise between High level and low level programming language, thus terming it as mid level or hybrid language. It’s preferred whenever we need to communicate with the system. It’s system programming language. – Use of C programming language in Operating system and drivers makes it an effective and efficient language – Processing speed almost comparable to machine/ assembly language is one of the striking feature of C programming language – Inclusion of C programming language in majority of Academic syllabus represents its importance Full detail of the course is in provided link above. About Tutor: I believe that programming doesn’t need to be dealt with tough and mind boggling approach. That will take the fun out of it. Learning with examples is the best approach to deal with it. KISS logic is more than needed here! Keep it simple silly! Hello everyone it’s me Roshan Shrestha. By profession I am an engineer. I love playing around with new innovations during my free time. Currently associated with: – Broadway Infosys Nepal as C and C++ instructor where I have been for more than 5 years – Game developer at Chipleti company – Technical manager at AP1 television Author of: – C programming through blogger’s eye See you all in the complete videos at http://www.programtalkies.com

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